Webinar 2021: Cryptography System Defining from Points, Lines, and Numbers

Webinar 24 Nov 2021

Mathematics Study Program of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta successfully held a web seminar (webinar) entitled “Sistem Kriptografi Memaknai dari Titik, Garis, dan Bilangan” via the Zoom application. The webinar on Wednesday, November 24th,  2021 was opened by the Head of Mathematics Study Program, Dr. Suma’inna, M.Si and then continued by our distinguished guest Dr. I. Wayan Sudarsana, M.Si who shared his knowledge and insight on cryptography system or also known as cryptosystem. Our guest speaker emphasized the basic fundamental of cryptography in a computer system as a way to protect information and communication using codes by incorporating the algorithms for key generation, encryption, and decryption methods. The participants from both students and lecturers were very enthusiastic about the delivered material and got the opportunity to discuss more during Q&A session with the presenter.