Mathematics Alumni Profile

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Utih Amartiwi

Degree     : BS in Mathematics (June 2015)

Current   : Master of Data Science, Innopolis University, Russia (2019 – Now)

Study Experience
The whole experience of studying mathematics at UIN jakarta is so terrific. The lecturers are really professional. They don’t only teach us but also become our supporting system. I remember how they supported me to join some competitions and appreciated my achievements. Even I have graduated, they keep encouraging me to reach my goal to be a mathematician. Therefore, I got recommendation letter to apply for postgraduate degree.

Scholarship Offer
After applying some universities, I got acceptance letters from a university in France, 5 universities in UK, 2 universities in NZ, 2 universities in Japan, and Innopolis University, Russia. In Innopolis University, the selection consisted of essay, online test, and interview with professor. Here I competed with more than 2000 international applicants to get full scholarship. Alhamdulillah, I got scholarship offers from 3 universities and also from Innopolis. After considering the curriculum and amount of grant, I decided to continue my study in Innopolis University, Russia