Rank of Mathematics Study Program

Mathematics study program at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta has recently been listed among the top 500 lists of program study in the field of science and technology. The ranking is based on the minimum qualification score for admission on the national college entrance examination (UTBK) in 2019. Our program study managed to achieve the 428th place nationally and came as the fourth best among study programs within UIN Syarif Hidayatullah.

pic 1

We also belonged to the 20 best mathematics programs nationally (we ranked the 19th) according to this ranking.

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The entry in the top 500 list indicates that there is a high interest in pursuing mathematics degree and greater competition for admission to highly selective colleges and universities. This is of course in line with the demand for mathematics experts that has shown a remarkable increase in the past few years and will continue to rise in the future, particularly in industrial area. In this era of digital transformation, data science, big data, and data analytics play a key role in it being a success and having a strong educational background in mathematics is a must. In addition, according to the Mathematical Association of America, math professions are becoming increasingly attractive. Mathematician, actuary, and statistician jobs are among the most promising career paths based on their income levels, growth outlook, and low-stress work environments.